The UnDoing: You Possess Revelation

Deanna Lorea
5 min readOct 11, 2022


“Revelation or illumination will be a common theme as we venture towards the deep together. I want you to understand that I give the gift of revelation. What I want you to understand will be revealed to you and in proper timing. If you are given revelation and do not understand it, this is because I have not opened your eyes to the meaning yet. I am including you in the plans of your life. Do not be discouraged. When you read scripture you will see in Luke 9: 44–45 that I will speak and you will not understand just like my disciples. I am the giver of all understanding. The more you dive into scripture, the more you will find this to be true. Revelation yields a deeper commitment from you to My process, and to Me. When what seems like defeat is in front of you, your commitment to Me and what I have opened your eyes to will allow you to withstand and not fall. I will bring you to the mountain top and show you glimpses of your future. These glimpses are not to confuse you. They are here to show you what is to come. They are here to show you that you cannot undo them. They are here to show you that fear dismisses extended revelation. They are here to show you to ask questions about the true meaning of what you’ve seen. They are here to allow you to go back into the natural world and live with confidence no matter what comes your way. Revelations yield deeper commitment to Me. I am building a new level of commitment in you.

Euphoric moments will cause us to feel deeply connected and I love seeing you experience illumination. Sometimes the illumination will be explanations from your past. I will unravel experiences to you and link moments together in your mind that provide answers for you. Other times I will shine a light onto intricate parts of you that come with a deeper understanding of the context at which you exist. These moments will feel like you’re being given a glimpse into an alternate reality and this is true. I am giving you a peek into what it feels like to look at mysteries through My eyes. Through My eyes there are no mysteries and as such, you will experience clarity in a mere moment that you’ve been subconsciously trying to piece together your whole life. These moments will allow you to extend grace to yourself. I see that you have been doing the best with what you were aware of and have always been proud of your efforts.

When I speak to you, some of what you see and hear will be informative. I am doing something new in the midst of my people and there will be moments that I give you insight to a moment in time before it happens. It will be important for you to remain neutral in these conversations with Me. I am not showing this to you for you to make it happen on earth, I will do that. I am showing this to you so that when the appointed time comes, you have peace and remain calm, while being focused on obedience. This will be a large part of your testimony. I will use you to shift the rooms you walk in with confidence because of what you have seen in your private times with Me. Informational moments don’t mean you need to spend your time worrying about the details, I have every step ordered, trust Me. When these moments transfer from heaven to earth, I want you to remain unshakeable in the face of whatever comes your way.

Sometimes I will give you insight to a common theme, but how it turns out will be unlike anything you imagined so try not to get wrapped up in the details. You can always bring it before Me, and ask for clarity. I love speaking with you. I smile when you catch glimpses of revelation and illumination into what I am doing on earth. I want to include you in these plans of Mine, not to sabotage them or figure them out, but to enjoy My power at work. Information prepares you for what is to come. Information allows you to be in the know of what is about to take place. Information allows you to be aware of what is transcending down to earth. It will never be on your shoulders to carry out. This is a way of faith building between you and I. When I show you something is coming, no matter how long it takes, My word will come to pass. You can trust in what I show you, and rest in what you’ve seen, not in what you see daily on the earth. The two will always be conflicting, but I never lead you astray.

Other times, I will show you instructions. When I speak to you, I am still looking for your trust. You can have faith in what I speak to you, but obedience is the action of carrying out the faith you possess. Nothing is off limits. Remember, I am coming to break barriers of social norms, and the God that people think that I am. I am here to show them there is no limit when it comes to Me and the way I work. When you feel Holy Spirit speak, respond. We will work together on your response times, but realize there will be moments when you cannot hesitate, no matter how stupid you think you will look, no matter how difficult or big the giant, your response must be immediate. There is a bigger picture at work. Sometimes I will give you small instructions so that you realize your own response time is lacking. Sometimes I will give you big instructions and you will see the fruit of your obedience or the consequence of your hesitation. These are all methods of my teaching. All in all, I still love you the same. My love is maximized and cannot possibly go any deeper. I will never call you to something you haven’t been tested over before, but realize that testing may look different than you thought it would. Nothing is off limits or out of bounds with how I work. When I speak to you via dreams, vision, prophecy, nature, or even a donkey (Bible comedy, do you see what I did there?), and your obedience is required, know that on the other side of that obedience is great reward. I am not testing you to see if you will be faithful, I already know the outcome. I am testing you to reveal your own dedication to Me, to yourself. I will test you so that you see you. I already know what will happen. When you feel like you’ve failed, I already knew that would happen too. I am not looking for perfection, rather that the posture of your heart is changing with each passing day, with each passing test. I am cultivating you each day”.