The Undoing: What You Fear Most…

When I called you to Me, you gave me your yes. You spoke your yes to Me, with your lips, and I was overjoyed at your response. As you continue to follow Me, you will begin to notice that your yes will come from a deeper place than your lips. Do not fear, I will cultivate this yes from a deeper space through you. Your yes will start to grow from your heart. And from this yes, My heart sings. You see, when you said yes, you had no idea what you were saying yes to, otherwise, you might have said no. This is part of My mystery that I will reveal to you. I am calling you to come with me to the deep. The deep is not a popular place, it is full of surprises, it can be dark and lonely, and it will cause you to want to turn back to the shallow edge of the ocean. But you will learn that the deep has much to offer and a depth unparalleled to experience. In the shallow, you are safe in your own mind. You can stand, you aren’t reliant on anyone to rescue you because your feet are on dry land. With no need of a Savior, you remain the same and there is newness deep within you which is why I call you to the deep. The shores are overtaken with broken seashells. There is no place you can look and not find a broken shell. Many shells get washed up in the shallow waves and return right back to where they were before, on the sand. What lives on the shore is familiarity, a sleep that plagues the shoreline like a fog. I’ve called you to wake you from that sleep and what that requires is a following of Me into the deep. I will never force you into anything you cannot handle with My help. I am not a resource, but The Source for all your needs here, so when you have moments where you want to reach for something to help you cope like you’ve done in the past, do not reach for alcohol, or edibles, or porn, or a person. Reach for me. I will cultivate a deep sense of reliance on Me in the deep. It will feel abnormal initially, but this abnormality will formulate into a trust that cannot be broken.

I am leading you to waters that you cannot cross on your own. The waters will rise higher and when they do, keep your eyes on Me. Focus on what I have shown you in your dreams. Go back and read what you’ve documented with dates and times in our quiet place. Remember My promise to you. Spend time in My Word and I will reveal the truth of My Word to you. Speak to Me in conversation. This is prayer. Talk to Me at any moment of the day, I am here. Where I lead you the water will start ankle deep. You will still feel somewhat in control here, but I am coming to break what is in you that desires control. Control and Freedom aren’t the same in My realm and I’m here to show you a newfound freedom. As you take steps towards Me, the water will rise from ankle deep to knee deep. You will notice shifts happening in your life, some uncomfortable, but none you feel you cannot overcome. The water will rise to waist deep. You will feel a pull. An imbalance of surrender to My will will come upon you. It will be as though what is covered by water is walking towards Me, and what is above water will pull you back to what you know. The mind is a powerful tool, but I have not created you to have your mind overpower you. Realize I do not expect perfection here. You will stumble, but I will keep reminding you that I already knew this and that is what My Grace is for. If you did not stumble, you would not need grace. In the waist deep waters, there will be moments where it looks like a wave is about to overtake you. Remain constant. If the waves become higher than your head, know that I am always higher than the waves. Call out to Me, and let me be your Saving Grace. What comes after the wave crashes is clarity. The salt water will no longer burn your eyes and you will see Me and the reason the wave had to come. This is not the hardest part. You will brave this waist deep water and you will continue to step towards what you fear. The ocean is deep and dark. There are terrors that lay beneath the surface. I am not calling you to the terror. I am calling you to free your mind of what lies beneath and fall freely into a float where only I can carry you. I will carry you here, but just as someone who is flailing and panicking in the deep will sink, someone who relaxes in the deep and trust will float. This is where I am calling you. Here, you will rely on Me for everything: provision, protection, geographical placement, position and more. When your mind is free of worrying how these things will get done, there is something within you that springs forth. I am pulling you to the deep so that you free your mind and surrender your will in order for that My will has room to emerge. You might not fully perceive this now, but with each passing day, I will grant you clarity to take the next step. Trust that nothing, and I mean nothing will overtake you as long as you focus on Me. As soon as you look down, like Peter, you will sink. Even when you do look down, there is no place that you can fall where My grace won’t catch you.

A great work will be done within you while you learn to float in the deep. There will be no space we cannot conquer together from this place. The deep looks like a valley. If you look at any portion of my creation you will notice that in order to have mountain tops, there must be valleys. I do not want you to fear the valley. The valley is where you will build strength, discipline, endurance, and perseverance for the uphill climb towards the mountain top. When you experience mountain top moments, My glory will be revealed through you and it will be a light in the darkest of nights to all those that perceive it. This is why the deep is crucial to where I am taking you. While you are in the valley, you will experience moments when the grass looks greener elsewhere. Your mind will cause you to wonder if you should go back, or do something else. Do not focus on what you do not know. If I have called you to it, then that place is exactly where you need to be. You see, what is learned in the valley is not only for you, but for the saving of many others. I am refining and redefining your spirit to match My Spirit so you are equipped to accomplish your purpose in life. We will take this slow, and in each moment, I will be with you.



Simply a messenger. Freedom begins here ➛

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