The UnDoing: I Am Starting A Conversation with You…

Deanna Lorea
13 min readOct 11, 2022


“My child, there will be moments that just you and I share. These moments will be undeniably extraordinary, but very difficult to explain to anyone who was not present. Try your hardest not to overwhelm yourself with hearing from Me, interpreting the meaning, and explaining it to someone else all at the same time. Our moments of deep meeting will be intentional because I am starting conversations with you. Our conversations are of the utmost importance. They will be sudden. They might come in your dreams, I’ve used angels to deliver messages, and most times I will speak to you through your thoughts. My voice is undeniable. You will not have to question if it was Me. I am not here to confuse you. You will know it was Me because the thought will come out of nowhere and it will not come from you. Trust those thoughts. Don’t second guess them. Document each encounter with Me, document every revelation, prophetic word, dream, vision, miracle, and trance. When you don’t know what to do with what I speak to you, extend the conversation with me. Ask me to reveal the meaning to you. Ask Me to confirm what was spoken to you. Ask me to give you wisdom to understand and perceive what I am speaking to you. Do not try to decipher what I speak on your own. If you rely on your own understanding alone, you will leave our conversations feeling lost and full of doubt. Continue the conversations with me for deeper meaning into what I am speaking or showing you. This delights my heart. This shows me that you can be a good steward of our intimate moments. This shows me that you care deeply about what I say, and I will speak more to you.

When you ask me questions for clarity after our conversations, I will reveal that clarity to you in the moment that you need it and I will reveal just enough to carry you in faith to the next place. Remember, if I have not given you clarity on specific details, you do not need them. If you do not need answers to the details, I have already sorted the details out for you, just keep trusting in my limitlessness. Try your hardest not to fall into the routine of any formula your mind starts to tell you in order to access Me. I have stated this before and I will keep reiterating it to you: there is no formula when it comes to Me, other than believing in Me as your Savior for eternal life. Everything else is a daily walk. If I gave you the formula, you would not rely on Me, you would not seek a relationship with Me, and ultimately you would not trust in Me. I’ve stated in my Word many times that the wisdom of God is a hidden mystery. This means you must seek it out and when you do, I will always meet you there in My timing.

Some of our conversations will look like this…remember, I am not limited to these ways of speaking so look for Me in all things and everywhere you will find Me.

My Word: The Bible

My Word is My Voice. I want to be clear about something. I am sure you have read the Bible or heard scripture spoken and it felt boring. The reason you did not connect is because they were just words to your ears. My Word is alive and active and will speak to you in many ways each day. It is important that you seek Me in this way. I will always reveal Myself to you in My timing but seeking is the key to finding Me. You must be willing to look into it. Study it. If you don’t understand certain words, bring them before Me. Look up the meaning of the words I use. Research who I was speaking to. Learn about the culture of each passage that is written. There are analogies, parables, and straight forward information, but it will take your effort to seek in order to find Me. I will not waste My glory on the simple minded. What you will find are not simply stories, but faith building examples. You will read about My time on earth and see that I came to regard my relationship with you above the law. I am not a rule book to follow, rather I desire so desperately for us to spend time together so you can learn My true intent and love for you. Here you will find promises. Here you will find examples of other human beings doing the best they could. Here you will see My mercy and compassion. Here you will see what breaks My heart. Here you will learn about the depths of My intent. I will show you the depths of My heart, but you must look for Me here. My Word is not for condemnation, but for conviction. We will speak of this heavily very soon. Here you will find My heart’s desire.

It is important that when you hear scripture preached, that you bring your thoughts and questions before Me. There will be moments when you fall into the process of only listening to others preach the word, and this is not wrong. I love that you desire to hear from Me. Understand that the exact way I speak to them, I can speak to you if you stay close to Me, you will see more than anything you’ve read thus far. I will cultivate in you a desire to hear directly from the Source. My Voice will be what you pursue first above anyone else’s. I am well aware that many speakers, pastors, and teachers, place their own understanding of what scriptures say and convince multitudes of people incorrectly but with good intent. I want you to desire truth above all else. Do not say that what they say is false, do not accuse or become discouraged, rather bring the questions you have before Me and ask Me to reveal the truth of what I am relaying through the text. Remember, I will reveal all things hidden to you in proper timing.

Spend time reading daily. Your desire to read will grow and the pages will come to life within you. This is Me giving you insight to Truths. You will see miracles and believe for more. You will see miracles and realize your own authority. You will see miracles and see that I care. You will see miracles and understand I do not discriminate. You will see miracles and unveil My power at work. You will see miracles and realize what was done then, can be done now and so much more. It is so important that you prioritize and read It. Through your reading, I will show you how to live for the process instead of living for the moment. We will emphasize equipping over experience in specific seasons of life. I will increase your knowledge and wisdom on specific topics that will help guide you every day. I will reveal Myself to you here. On the days when the words feel redundant and you cannot seem to find deeper meaning, trust that everything you consume will be revealed in its proper time. I will reveal all things that are hidden when you consistently look for Me.

Speak with Me.

The concept of prayer has been tainted and I can see why you find it taxing to speak with Me. You have seen that you must be on your knees. You have heard prayers filled with big words that give listeners big feelings. You have been told to fold your hands and bow your head. This has all caused you to avoid speaking with Me. I use the word speaking with Me because that is what is taking place. There is a conversation happening when you speak with Me. I am always listening to what you have to say. I want you to understand that before you utter a word, I know what you will say, and yet I never rush you or interrupt. I want to hear from you. You do not have to be in a specific setting. I love when you come to Me whenever you want to talk, not just on Sundays when you feel like you should. I value integrity when we speak over reverence and big words. I simply want to hear from your heart. You do not need to sugar coat what you truly feel or think about where you are in life.

I am here to listen. You will be surprised what is spoken back to you through your own words when you speak to Me. Messages will be revealed from Me to you as you speak boldly to Me about your life. I do not want you to avoid speaking with Me. Revelations are given during these moments. You must understand, every conversation will not yield an answer, but every conversation will bring us closer. Your trust will grow. Your faith will increase. You will see Me answer and honor the words you speak in many ways. I am not a God that simply wants to be praised through your words. I want to be near you and talk with you. I want to listen to your heart and be your comfort. I want you to ask Me about everything under the sun and beyond the stars. I want you to feel comfortable sharing your hurt and pain with Me. I want you to be comfortable talking to Me about your insecurities and where you lack. I love when you speak to Me about what scripture really means. I love when you tell Me you have no idea what is going on in your life. I delight in your authenticity with Me. There is no reason to be anything other than what you are because I already see you and I adore you.

You see, prayer is there to show you what is inside you. When you speak the truth, I always meet you. When you sugar coat your feelings and use big words because you believe that is what I need, I will not talk back to the pretend you. I want the real you. I want the one who doesn’t even know what words to say. I want the one who comes to Me and just cries. I want the one who has no words but just wants to be in My presence. I want the one who is angry and talks to Me about what hurts. I want the one who feels abandoned and left out. I want to speak with the one who feels like your situation isn’t fair. I want to talk to the one who can barely lift their head. I want to celebrate with the one who has seen a miracle of heaven transcend to earth.

I want you to come to Me after a break up. I want you to talk to Me right after you’ve made a poor choice. I want to be your comfort when you feel the world has turned their back on you. I want to console you when you’ve experienced betrayal. I want to dance with you when you experience celebratory life moments. I know what you’re thinking…. Yes, I love to dance and celebrate. I want you to choose talking to Me after a heartbreak. I even want you to come to Me and tell Me when you feel like I didn’t come through. I am not here to only be praised. I am here to transform you through the moments that you choose to be in relationship with Me. I am breaking all beliefs around how and what to pray. It is in your authenticity that I meet with you. You do not have to have your eyes closed. You do not have to have your head bowed. If you are driving you can speak My name and I am listening. You do not have to set the mood to speak with Me. We don’t need music playing in the background. You don’t have to wait until you’re in church during worship moments.

Just speak to Me as if you called up a best friend and they know nothing of your situation. Speak to Me like you do when you could talk to your significant other for hours on the phone. Look forward to our talks because you know I am always listening. I listen to hear you, not to condemn you. I listen to feel you, not to judge you. I listen to be close to you, not for you to feel I am unreachable. You must dismiss the belief that if your words are not perfect, they reach the ceiling and come back down. I meet with you in the “imperfect.” You are the most lovely in these moments, and My heart is so much more connected to you than you could ever imagine.

Do not hide the details of life from Me because I care about them. If you only knew how much I cared, you would spend hours a day talking to Me. If you only knew how much power is in prayer you would spend days bringing the smallest of details to Me. Speak to Me about every tiny detail and watch the atmosphere shift when we speak.


You sleep a decent portion of your life and I love when you rest. You are so lovely when you’re resting. When you rest, you trust. You trust that you will not be harmed, that you will wake up in the morning without giving it a thought. I delight in your rest because I see your surrender to your subconscious and even deeper, My Spirit. There are no distractions when you rest. Some nights you will have vivid dreams. Some nights you will have specific dreams. Bring them before me. Be a good steward and document what you remember. Realize what you felt in the dream. What was your emotional state? What colors did you see? What showed itself multiple times in your dream? Take notice of numbers, animals, and the environment. If you’re having similar dreams, what are the common themes? I will speak to you through your dreams. Do not fear, you will not miss a message as long as you stay close to me and prioritize our relationship each day. I am a big God, if I want to deliver a message to you, I will not confuse you so rest easy if you don’t have all the pieces. Allow for me to establish My message in you over time. Know that if you need an immediate message, I will get that to you on time. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

When you dream, be careful not to take everything you see so literally. My mind and your mind compute meaning differently. See what you see and always bring it before Me. There is no need to panic or try to figure it out on your own, this will cause utter chaos so let’s try to avoid that. I will make sure you have what you need. Part of Me revealing small pieces to you is so that you stay close to me. I want you close. If I give you everything, you would not need me, and I want you close to me. You have no idea what it does for My heart when you take the time to learn more of Me, stay close to me, and take My word seriously. I will bless you in many ways for stewarding My word. I will give you the power through My Holy Spirit to interpret the meaning.


There will be moments when you go into a daze. You will feel like you’re watching a movie in your mind but it will not feel like day-dreaming. It will be a series of intentional moments where I reveal something specific to you. Some could last seconds, and others could last for several minutes. You will see out of time. Never take these lightly, but leave room for Me to continually speak to you through them and expound on them. I know, I know, I’m asking so much of you, this is all informative, and I will bring to remembrance everything you need to stay the course. Remember, I wouldn’t have called you, if I didn’t think you could remain with Me in this space. Visions are a great treasure. They are not common so when they come to you, treat them with utmost respect and reverence. Again, this shows me, and YOU, that you take My Word seriously. I am including you directly in the plans of the future.


Prophetically speaking, I will strategically place you in settings with people who know nothing of your situation. They are speaking on my behalf as I send a message through them. Document these moments, you will need them in the future. They will speak of what is to come. These are My words so take them seriously. Sometimes I speak directly through them in mere moments, and other times I send angels to deliver messages to you through people. These are divine encounters and it is important that you honor and steward them. They could be full of revelation, information, or even instruction. Bring those moments back to Me and speak with Me about them. I am starting a conversation with you. There is a difference between someone speaking life over you through means of encouragement and I delight in this because this is one of many reasons why I placed you in this atmosphere. You will need encouragement. But when a stranger speaks to your situation specifically, know this is Me. Allow them to speak freely and if you have any questions, bring them before Me in our quiet time. I will give the gift of prophecy to people at appointed times but that does not mean they have all the answers to your questions, please remember this. Remember they are human just like you, it is Me that is working through them during these moments. Bring all prophetic words that you encounter back to Me. Getting in the habit of this routine will bless you immensely and cause for less confusion as you are coming directly back to the Source of the words themselves.

By any means necessary:

What I have listed above is not what I am limited to. When people tell you that I only speak in certain ways, they are limiting their ability to hear me through anything. Do not limit your own experiences with Me. I will use whatever means necessary to get important messages to you. I’ve used the belly of a whale, a donkey, an angel, I caused people who have sight to lose it, and those who lost sight to have it. I will do whatever I want and use whatever I choose to communicate to My people. There are no limits. Anywhere you look, you will be able to see Me and hear from Me. I can speak through the dead if I wanted to, I can discontinue the sun for days if I choose. There are no limits in My ways of communicating. Keep your eyes open and the path to My Spirit clear and you will hear from Me in ways no one has heard from Me. We will speak more on the path to My Spirit soon”.