Mission Impossible: Evidence

Deanna Lorea
4 min readMay 26, 2022

“You are living in it right now”. -God.

God will task us with the impossible, promise the impossible, and reveal to us the impossible. We see it as impossible because we see it through human eyes. There’s no way. How? When? What will the details look like? I can’t do that.

A friend reminded me this morning that I can believe God for the impossible because I am living in it right now. Think back. Remember a time when you felt you were in the middle of an impossible situation. Think about how much you wept. Think about how much time you spent asking and requesting Him in your prayers to change the situation in your favor. Think about how much time went into stressing about the “what if”.

How did that situation turn out? I bet in your favor or if not in your favor, for your good. Sometimes when situations don’t work out as planned, it is still for our good. You are living in the evidence of His promises right now. You are living in the evidence of His impossible right now.

Late last year, God revealed to me that I was to set fire to a business I spent almost four years building. This same business allowed me as a single mother to make over six figures before the age of thirty and to me, that was a huge success, and it was just the beginning of what He would ask me to do. “Delete it, get rid of it and don’t go back”, a command with no cap. “I will be your provider, follow Me”. And I did. I was curious enough and convinced enough that if He brought me here, He would also provide for me.

Be curious enough to see if what He says actually comes true. I haven’t worked anything near the hours I used to and God has still allowed me to make over ten thousand dollars a month. I have never missed a bill and still been able to live and experience life. If anything, I do much less in life. My life is simple, my days are more fulfilling, and there is intention and purpose. I spend the majority of my time at His feet, writing, and preparing for what is to come. I work less than ten hours a week. How? He fulfilled His promises and so much that there is surplus for me to be able to bless others in His name and for His kingdom. How amazing.

Now, fast forward seven months and another impossible task presents itself. He has shown me the same tasks four times now and confirmed a promise more times than I can count. Of course I am afraid, but that is because for a human, the task is impossible. Then as He so cleverly does, He sent a friend to remind me that His word is final, and I can trust that because I have evidence. I am living proof, and He is not done. This next task will take an act of God to accomplish, there is nothing I can do besides obedience and He will do the rest, He has to, because I cannot do it. He has shown me the task, a command with no cap.

We get caught up in the details because we think we are to walk this path alone. I speak from experience, God is stripping me of the need to know the details because the details in a human mind will always leave us feeling discouraged. God won’t always ask you to do things that you are capable of doing, so when He presents a mission impossible to you, rest easy. He will do the hard part, you just have to say yes and take a step towards the giant in faith that He will provide what you need to accomplish Mission Impossible. This is where He gets to show off. Where our human capabilities end, His glory begins.

God is so good. He allows for us to go through mini trials to build trust for the big task He has sets in place for us. Realize God will prepare you for a situation and you won’t even realize it unless you open your eyes to the spiritual. I can go into this next task because of the evidence of His promise from the last time He told me to do something.

I am proof that He will do what He said. And with that, I can do anything He asks of me knowing that I don’t have to accomplish it in my own strength. I just have to say yes and obey His commands and be ready for the ride. He does the rest.

So the next time, God shows you something impossible, look to your past, but even more so, look within. You are living proof that He keeps His promise. If He kept it then, He will keep it now.

You are the evidence.

Ezekiel 12:21–28