Evolve or Repeat, You Choose

“You mean, I am currently reliving my past in my present??”

The past is a doozy. She was resentful, full of envy and childhood trauma. She was quick to speak and slow to think. She lived life in the pursuit of making others happy before self. She was a country break up song in the making, and I’m talking about the mascara running down your face, keying his car kind of break up song. Nonetheless, she is forever gone. What’s even more insane is that the “you” that read the first sentence of this paragraph is gone as well. Just that fast. With each passing second, you become the you of the past and with this perspective how can we hold on to anything that happened yesterday and think we will be able to move forward. Girl, you’re carrying too much in your hands already. When our hands are full, we have nothing left to give or receive and this world has so much to offer you, as do you have to offer it, but first, we must LET IT GO. When I say “it”, I mean you.

You might believe that you’re holding on to hurtful events of the past but in reality, you are holding on to the person you were who had to endure those hurtful events. This is why you’re still guarded in new relationships. This is why you won’t allow your heart to love again. This is why you think everyone in your present has it out for you. The only constant is you. You are holding on to the “you” who had to endure. If you’re reading this now, it means that you are still kickin’, and I believe that means something. If you weren’t essential, you wouldn’t be here; but you also won’t be essential if you can’t learn how to move forward.

You have to remember the only common denominator between your hurtful past and now is you. Everyone else who was involved is living their own life (whether it’s actually a life of their own is none of your concern), and trying to do the best they can with what they know. Hell, most times how you were hurt wasn’t even intentional. Everyone is battling their own demons and you might have just been home in the path of a tornado. Regardless of what happened FOR you, it is now in the past, you can’t get it back and now you are left with two options. Evolve or Repeat.

Evolution is no easy task but you do it naturally without thinking about it. Your body is a prime example of evolution and so, it is possible to intentionally evolve if we already possess the ability to naturally evolve. You have to want it. You have to desire that evolution bad enough to know that “here” is not where I want to stay. “Here” is not where I belong. What I write to you, is still a daily practice for me, I have yet to have perfected the ultimate goal of complete integrity and a full life walking in your true nature. It was never meant to be that easy and I think the passionate minded express their passion of self study because it is the richest, most fulfilling experience you have the power to carry in the now and each and every day of your life.

The choice is yours. When I say evolve or repeat, I’m sure you get the idea but the seriousness of the idea is what I’m afraid our generation is lacking. What does it mean to repeat if you can’t go back to the past? You actually do revisit the past every time you decide to react in the now with the brain of the past. Read that again. Whenever we react instead of responding to the situation, most times we are reacting with the brain, emotions, and behaviors of the past. Discernment is the missing factor and this is how we respond to life and coexist instead of reacting and working against nature.

Evolve, or Repeat. The choice is yours.



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