Armed and Dangerous…

Deanna Lorea
4 min readJun 3, 2022


link below for video content: Mass Shooting: Where the Solution Begins…

Armed and Dangerous. Friday the 3rd, June 2022. This will be the time that changes everything. Perception can be the enemy of unity, of love. I believe we all have a filter over our eyes and what we see through that filter determines our reality, even if our reality is false.

Terror. I ask myself why? Through the old lens, they are terrifying. Through the old lens they should be punished. Through the old lens they are dangerous. A perception fairly given but when looked at under the scope of spirituality and not humanity, something changes. They are not armed and dangerous, they are hurt and broken. A lost soul begging and pleading for help, for release from their torment, and this is the only way they know how. Police, inmates, the poor doped up on the street, all armed and dangerous with something we fear. Fear is what blocks unity. Fear is what keeps us running in the opposite direction. We take steps back instead of taking steps forward.

What lies behind the shell, behind the uniform, the jumpsuit, the gun. A thing of beauty, a soul. What if we looked at them with a broken heart and eyes of compassion rather than running in the other direction. What if the power of our perception shifted our reality.

Shots fired. Run the other way. Terror and fear grip our hearts, some lives are lost, some trampled. We run in fear of something smaller than our God. A weapon, but behind the weapon a broken, lonely, afraid, abused soul. What if we looked beyond the weapon. Will I step toward it with faith that my God is bigger than the weapon? He has shown me that I will not be harmed. Are the bullets more powerful than my God? Was Goliath more powerful than a few stones?

The time is coming when the perception will be forced to be shifted. We will step towards what we think is armed and dangerous and proclaim that we are armed and dangerous. We have everything in our hands to be more than the bullet, and yet, we run the other way.

Buffalo, New York. Uvalde, Texas, Tulsa Oklahoma…Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Step towards the armed and dangerous, because you are armed and I am with you. I will not let anything harm you”, He said. Three times He confirmed “You will not be harmed”. Three times to make known the importance of this mission. “Don’t hesitate”.

Something must be done. Our lens must change. The left lens must see the broken soul behind the gun and the right lens must see God, who is more powerful than any bullet.

Congress loosens governing. Bills “seemingly unlikely”, but have we stopped to raise hands and drop to our knees? When will we hug the soul behind the automatic? When will we see them crying out for desperate help? They are tormented and in the torment, they take lives. Innocent lives who experience their last breath because we won’t take the time to use the weapon we have that can and will change the world.

Where is the faith? Who is more powerful than the Senate? Who is more powerful than the bullet? Who can bring radical change and revival to lost souls? None but Him. So why haven’t we turned to Him? When will we step forward, embrace the soul, fall to our knees, and lift our eyes up to Him. The only One who can change the heart behind what we see as armed and dangerous?

The time is coming. It will be televised. Everyone will recognize that He is Lord. They won’t be able to deny it. Revelation is coming. Healing and restoration is coming. Lives will be restored and the weapon will be dismantled. He is making Himself known in an otherwise uncomfortable situation, to get the attention of His people. We are all His. Child and gunman alike.

Child and gunman alike. The soul beneath the skin. He is coming to save what separates us, what labels us, what keeps us bound. Police, inmates, gunmen, black, white, rich, poor. Everything we are afraid of, everything we run from. He is coming to save us all alike.

“Don’t look down”, He says to me, “Keep your eyes focused on me”. An impossible mission if seen through the lens of humanity, yet simply possible for Him. “Stay focused on the promise”, He reminds me. “Remember what I’ve shown you in our quiet times, there is nothing to fear”, He calms me. “You will lead people to revival, as many as the leaves”, His voice is so clear.

I see myself walking to a death sentence, only to leave unharmed and protected in an armed and dangerous situation. He goes before me. In faith, I will prophesy the promise and keep my eyes on Him. When I look down, fear sweeps in and what I can accomplish in my own power fills me. He gently lifts my chin, and smiles on me with grace, “Eyes up”, He says with His eyes.

“Eyes up, my daughter, you won’t be harmed”.

Ezekiel 12:21–28